Classical 91.7 Playlist

Playlist for Friday, October 9, 2015

  • 6:00 pm

    Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist
    • 12:01 am
      A John Field Suite: Polka
      Composer: Hamilton Harty, Conductor: Bryden Thomson

    • 12:06 am
      Composer: Georges Bizet, Conductor: Semyon Bychkov

    • 12:36 am
      Old Photographs
      Composer: Christos Hatzis

    • 12:48 am
      Oboe Concerto
      Composer: Domenico Cimarosa, Performer: Heinz Holliger, oboe

    • 1:01 am
      Composer: Vittorio Monti, Performer: Avi Avital, mandolin

    • 1:06 am
      La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie): Overture
      Composer: Gioacchino Rossini, Conductor: Thomas Schippers

    • 1:18 am
      Death and Transfiguration (Tod und Verklarung)
      Composer: Richard Strauss, Conductor: Lorin Maazel

    • 1:44 am
      Piano Trio No. 11 "Variations"
      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven

    • 2:01 am
      Symphony No. 88: 3rd movement
      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn, Conductor: Adam Fischer

    • 2:06 am
      Les Sylphides Ballet
      Composer: Frederic Chopin, Conductor: Heinz Fricke

    • 2:35 am
      Bohemian-Danish Folk Tune (Bohmisk-Dansk folketone)
      Composer: Carl Nielsen, Conductor: Gennady Rozhdestvensky

    • 2:44 am
      The Skylark
      Composer: Viktor Kalinnikov, Conductor: Robert Simpson

    • 2:46 am
      6 German Dances
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Conductor: Neville Marriner

    • 3:01 am
      Guitar Sonata
      Composer: Ferdinando Carulli, Performer: Richard Savino, guitar

    • 3:06 am
      Serenade to Music
      Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams, Conductor: Vernon Handley

    • 3:17 am
      Piano Concerto No. 5 "Egyptian"
      Composer: Camille Saint-Saens, Performer: Jean-Philippe Collard, piano, Conductor: Andre Previn

    • 3:48 am
      Little Serenade
      Composer: Lars-Erik Larsson, Conductor: Goran Nilson

    • 4:01 am
      Composer: Arthur Foote

    • 4:06 am
      12 Variations on Mozart's "Ein Madchen oder Weibchen"
      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven, Performer: Mischa Maisky, cello

    • 4:16 am
      Portrait of Mr. Blancrocher
      Composer: Louis Couperin, Performer: Andrew Lawrence-King, harp

    • 4:25 am
      Norwegian Rhapsody No. 1
      Composer: Johan Halvorsen, Conductor: Ole Kristian Ruud

    • 4:39 am
      Cello Concerto
      Composer: Georg Matthias Monn, Performer: Jian Wang, cello

    • 5:01 am
      Ballade No. 1
      Composer: Johannes Brahms

    • 5:06 am
      Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1: Prelude and Fugue No. 1
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Performer: Glenn Gould, piano

    • 5:11 am
      Adagietto for Orchestra
      Composer: Erkki Salmenhaara, Conductor: Ralf Sjoblom

    • 5:18 am
      A Card Game (Jeu de cartes)
      Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Conductor: Neeme Jarvi

    • 5:42 am
      "Twinkle, Twinkle" Variations (Ah, vous dirai-je, maman)
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Performer: Walter Gieseking, piano

    • 5:49 am
      Festival Overture
      Composer: Hugo Alfven, Conductor: Niklas Willen

    • 6:01 am
      Composers Datebook

    • 6:03 am
      Xerxes: Largo
      Composer: George Frideric Handel, Performer: Louise Pellerin, oboe

    • 6:06 am
      Composer: Jean-Joseph Mouret, Performer: Wynton Marsalis, trumpet, Conductor: Anthony Newman

    • 6:09 am
      Downton Abbey: The Suite
      Composer: John Lunn, Conductor: Alastair King

    • 6:17 am
      Variations on a Theme by Handel
      Composer: Mauro Giuliani, Performer: John Williams, guitar

    • 6:26 am
      Composer: Jean Sibelius, Conductor: Eiji Oue

    • 6:35 am
      Alessandro Ballet Music
      Composer: Christoph Gluck, Conductor: Reinhard Goebel

    • 7:01 am
      Contredanse and Tarantelle
      Composer: Frederic Chopin, Performer: Malcolm Frager, piano

    • 7:06 am
      Children's Corner: Golliwogg's Cakewalk
      Composer: Claude Debussy, Conductor: Charles Dutoit

    • 7:09 am
      Les Indes Galantes: Prologue
      Composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau, Conductor: Antoine Plante

    • 7:26 am
      Composer: Gabriel Faure, Performer: Daniel Varsano, piano, Conductor: Andrew Davis

    • 7:41 am
      I Was Glad
      Composer: Hubert Parry, Conductor: Richard Hickox

    • 7:50 am
      Four Seasons: Winter
      Composer: Antonio Vivaldi, Performer: Monica Huggett, violin, Conductor: Nicholas Kraemer

    • 8:01 am
      Paris Quartet No. 6: 6th movement
      Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann, Performer: Wilbert Hazelzet, flute

    • 8:06 am
      Hungarian Dance No. 19
      Composer: Johannes Brahms, Conductor: John Eliot Gardiner

    • 8:08 am
      Prelude No. 5
      Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff, Performer: Sviatoslav Richter, piano

    • 8:14 am
      Capriccio for Bassoon and Orchestra
      Composer: Giuseppe Verdi, Performer: Andrea Magnani, bassoon, Conductor: Riccardo Chailly

    • 8:25 am
      Eugene Onegin: Waltz
      Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky, Conductor: Hans Vonk

    • 8:33 am
      Prelude for Lute
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Performer: Christopher Parkening, guitar

    • 8:35 am
      Symphony No. 84 "In Nomine Domini"
      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn, Conductor: Bruno Weil

    • 9:01 am
      Haugtussa (The Mountain Maid): At the Brook
      Composer: Edvard Grieg, Performer: Tine Thing Helseth, trumpet

    • 9:06 am
      Two Sketches
      Composer: Adam Carse, Conductor: David Lloyd-Jones

    • 9:13 am
      Bibo No Aozora
      Composer: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Performer: Angele Dubeau, violin, Conductor: Angele Dubeau

    • 9:20 am
      A Musical Joke (Ein musikalischer Spass)
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Conductor: Andrew Manze

    • 9:45 am
      Polonaise No. 3 "Military"
      Composer: Frederic Chopin, Performer: Garrick Ohlsson, piano

    • 9:49 am
      Sonata No. 9
      Composer: Alessandro Scarlatti

  • 6:00 pm

    Performance Today

    Performance Today features timely recordings that can't be heard anywhere else, recent performances by the great artists of our time and by the next generation of classical artists, from concert halls around the globe. Plus interviews and performances from the APM studios, and from concert stages around the country, along with classical music news and features. Every week composer Bruce Adolphe joins host Fred Child for a classical music game, the PT Piano Puzzler.

  • 6:00 pm

    Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist
    • 12:00 pm
      Recorder Concerto
      Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann, Performer: Clas Pehrsson, recorder

    • 12:01 pm
      Symphony "The Cotswolds": 3rd movement
      Composer: Gustav Holst, Conductor: JoAnn Falletta

    • 12:06 pm
      Romance No. 2
      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven, Performer: Gidon Kremer, violin, Conductor: Nikolaus Harnoncourt

    • 12:14 pm
      Quintet for Piano and Winds
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Performer: James Levine, piano

    • 12:26 pm
      Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme: Suite
      Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully, Conductor: Gwyn Roberts/Richard Stone

    • 12:45 pm
      The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Garden of the Senses Suite
      Composer: Michael Gandolfi, Conductor: Robert Spano

    • 1:01 pm
      The Windcatcher: Part 3
      Composer: Philip Glass

    • 1:06 pm
      Orchestral Suite No. 3: Air on the G String
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Conductor: Raymond Leppard

    • 1:12 pm
      Composer: Ernesto Nazareth, Performer: Gabriela Montero, piano

    • 1:16 pm
      Pibroch Suite
      Composer: Alexander Mackenzie, Performer: Rachel Barton Pine, violin, Conductor: Alexander Platt

    • 1:41 pm
      Harp Concerto
      Composer: Johann Albrechtsberger, Performer: Nicanor Zabaleta, harp, Conductor: Paul Kuentz

    • 2:01 pm
      Composer: Franz Liszt, Performer: Alexis Weissenberg, piano

    • 2:06 pm
      Bartered Bride: Overture
      Composer: Bedrich Smetana, Conductor: Yehudi Menuhin

    • 2:13 pm
      Composer: George Gershwin

    • 2:22 pm
      Symphony No. 3
      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn, Conductor: Adam Fischer

    • 2:41 pm
      Composer: Frederic Chopin, Performer: Vladimir Ashkenazy, piano

    • 2:46 pm
      Composer: Ferruccio Busoni, Conductor: Francesco La Vecchia

    • 3:01 pm
      English Suite: Prelude and Round Dance
      Composer: John Duarte, Performer: Stein-Erik Olsen, guitar

    • 3:06 pm
      Serenade No. 10 "Grand Partita": Adagio
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    • 3:12 pm
      Concerto for 2 Oboe d'amore
      Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann, Performer: Hans-Peter Westermann, oboe d'amore

    • 3:22 pm
      The Fanatic for Ancient Romans: Overture
      Composer: Domenico Cimarosa, Conductor: Kevin Mallon

    • 3:30 pm
      Cello Sonata
      Composer: Giuseppe Valentini, Performer: Andre Navarra, cello

    • 3:45 pm
      Serenade for Strings
      Composer: Lennox Berkeley, Conductor: Richard Hickox

    • 4:01 pm
      Moll Peatly and Johney Cock Thy Beaver
      Composer: John Playford

    • 4:06 pm
      Theme and Variations
      Composer: Jean Francaix, Performer: Waldemar Zarow, clarinet, Conductor: Gabriel Chmura

    • 4:15 pm
      Dance of the Hours
      Composer: Amilcare Ponchielli, Conductor: Bruno Bartoletti

    • 4:24 pm
      Violin Sonata No. 5 "Spring"
      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven, Performer: Gidon Kremer, violin

    • 4:50 pm
      Symphony No. 1
      Composer: Thomas Arne, Conductor: Adrian Shepherd

    • 5:01 pm
      String Quartet: 3rd movement
      Composer: Johan Svendsen

    • 5:06 pm
      Symphony No. 6
      Composer: Samuel Wesley, Conductor: Matthias Bamert

    • 5:25 pm
      Indian Queen: Trumpet Overture
      Composer: Henry Purcell, Performer: Wynton Marsalis, trumpet, Conductor: Raymond Leppard

    • 5:30 pm
      Norwegian Dance No. 3
      Composer: Edvard Grieg, Conductor: Paavo Jarvi

    • 5:34 pm
      Sinfonia "Le campane di Roma" ("Bells of Rome")
      Composer: Giuseppe Demachi, Performer: Fabio Biondi, violin, Conductor: Fabio Biondi

    • 5:52 pm
      Andante and Rondo Capriccioso
      Composer: Felix Mendelssohn, Performer: Javier Perianes, piano

    • 6:01 pm
      Sonata: 1st movement
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Performer: Paul Galbraith, guitar

    • 6:06 pm
      Violin Concerto
      Composer: Johann Fasch, Performer: Veronika Skuplik, violin

    • 6:15 pm
      La Scala di Seta (Silken Ladder): Overture
      Composer: Gioacchino Rossini

    • 6:22 pm
      Oboe Concerto No. 6
      Composer: Tomaso Albinoni, Performer: Hansjorg Schellenberger, oboe

    • 6:30 pm
      Family Album: Homage to Alfred, Emil and Lionel Newman
      Composer: Randy Newman, Performer: Gloria Cheng, piano

    • 6:42 pm
      Suite in the Ancient Style
      Composer: Vincent D'Indy, Conductor: Rumon Gamba

  • 6:00 pm

    Exploring Music

    Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin is an exciting daily radio program that delves into a wide assortment of topics in classical music. Each five-program series builds off a single theme ranging from composer biographies to explorations of various cultures, musical styles, and time periods.

  • 6:00 pm

    San Francisco Symphony

    Program Playlist
    • 8:00 pm
      Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas

    • 8:05 pm
      Violin Concerto in D major
      Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas

    • 8:10 pm
      The Rite of Spring
      Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas

    • 8:15 pm
      Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas

  • 6:00 pm

    Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.