The Front Row, 07/10/2006

The Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia
KUHF's 2006 Summer Arts and Performance Tour is covering new territory. Over the course of two weeks, our adventurers will be attending three different music festivals in Russia and Finaland. Dean Dalton called in to The Front Row today to report on the tour's current activities in St. Petersburg, Russias. . .

Fountains at PeterhofSince Wednesday, the group has been in the Czar's old imperial capital, Saint Petersburg, sight-seeing and attending ballet and opera performances at the annual White Night's Festival, so named because the city is so far north, that at this time of year, there is daylight until almost Midnight. Houston Public Radio's Dean Dalton is leading the tour; TFR Producer Bob Stevenson called him this morning to find out about what our voyagers have seen and heard so far.  Audio here.  

For information about KUHF's Summer 2006 Arts and Performance to the Balkans click here.

Anthropomorphic Funerary Mask with Headdress Evoking the SunTo the peoples of tha various indigenous societies that populated what is now Colombia from 500 B.C. until the coming of the Spanish conquerors, the cosmos was a living whole, comprised of one unified spirit, in which special beings had the ability to transform themselves from one living being into another. Gold was believed to be related to the Sun and therefore had special associations with life and power, and its radiance and malleability made it the perfect material for expressing basic religious tenets about transformation. The Spirit of Ancient Columbian Gold  is an exhibition of almost three hundred ceremonial objects oprganized by the Bank of the Republic's Museum of Gold in Bogota, Colombia, and currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. KUHF's Alison Young explored the exhibition with Curator Frances Marzio. Audio here.