"The Nacirema Society"

(L-R) Angela Henson Smith as Jessie Roberts, Candice D'Meza as Gracie Dunbar, Autumn Knight as Janet Logan, and Andrea Boronell as Marie Dunbar - Photo: David Bray
Artistic director Eileen J. Morris and three members of her acting company talk about The Ensemble Theatre’s production of Pearl Claege’s historical comedy The Nacirema Society, which takes a lovingly light-hearted look at the ways in which the ingrained attitudes of the African-American upper crust in early-'60s Alabama were challenged by the blossoming Civil Rights Movement.

Director Eileen J. Morris and cast members Bebe Wilson (Alpha Campbell Jackson), Florence Garvey (Lillie Campbell Jackson), and Derrick Brent II (Bobby Green), talk with Bob Stevenson.