Holiday Music Featured on The Front Row and Recorded in the Classical 91.7 Geary Performance Studio

Enjoy some holiday cheer with our new holiday streaming internet radio station- featuring the festive music of the holidays recorded at our studios for past episodes of The Front Row.

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Holiday Stream Playlist

date of studio recording performed by length compositions
12/10/2010 Cymry: Al Cofrin, E.J. Jones, Beth Sanford 0:11:00 Tradtional - Scotland the Brave
Traditional - Highland Laddie
Traditional - Lock in the Morning
Traditional - The Butterfly
Al Cofrin - 3 Hair Reels "Hair in the Cabbage", "Hair in the Tub," "Whose Red Hair is this?"
12/3/2010 Invincible Czars 0:11:16 Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite: Chinese Dance
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite: Miniature Overture
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite: Russian Dance
11/23/2010 Texas Repertory Theatre Company: Artistic Director, Craig Miller, and Music Director, Luke Kirkwood 0:13:45 Plaid Tidings: Strangers in Paradise
Plaid Tidings: Life could be a dream
Plaid Tidings: Holiday Talk
12/17/2009 Ensemble Theatre Members 0:07:28 Thomas Meloncon: "Christmas with Great Aunt": Sounds of celebration
Thomas Meloncon: "Christmas with Great Aunt": Hear Our Prayer O Lord
Thomas Meloncon: "Christmas with Great Aunt": Hold on just a little while longer
12/8/2009 Houston's United Nations Association International Choir, conductor, Eric P. Esparza 0:01:48 Ramon Dias, arr. Gusman - Llega La Navidad
12/3/2009 Bowfire 0:15:45 Traditional - Christmas Carols
Bill Bridges - "Reel"
Traditional Chinese Melody - Galloping Horses
Traditional - Carol of the Bells
12/1/2009 Danny O'Flaherty 0:10:48 Danny O'Flaherty - "A Star to Show the Way"
Danny O'Flaherty - "Christmas at home together"
Danny O'Flaherty - "Kunamara Christmas"
Danny O'Flaherty - "Christmas Eve Reel"
11/24/2009 Invincible Czars 0:12:24 Nutcracker: Mother Ginger and the Clowns
Nutcracker: Dance of the Mirlitons
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Nutcracker: Russian Dance
12/19/2008 Cellist Max Dyer,  pianist-composer Dana Cunningham 0:07:48 Traditional, arr. Dyer & Cunningham - "Carol of the Bells"
Traditional, arr. Dyer & Cunningham - "Once in Royal David City"
12/9/2008 Theatre Under the Stars cast members 0:02:58 Irving Berlin - "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm"
Irving Berlin - I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
12/4/2008 Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano 0:12:07 Traditional - Christmas Medley
Traditional - Deck the Halls Medley
Traditional - La Morena
11/25/2008 Invincible Czars 0:15:22 Nutcracker: March
Nutcracker: Miniature Overture
Nutcracker: Mother Ginger and the Clowns
Nutcracker: Dance of the Mirlitons
Nutcracker: Russian Dance
12/14/2007 Christmas Revels 0:11:44 Traditional: Bring me little water Silvie
Spiritual: I'm on my way to Canaan's land
Spiritual: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Hymn: God from his cloudy cistern pours
Hymn: The day is past and gone